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  5. Man plans to camp for iPhone 5 launch for a month

Man plans to camp for iPhone 5 launch for a month

Man plans to camp for iPhone 5 launch for a month

A London resident is planning to camp outside an Apple Store for a whole month in anticipation of the launch of the iPhone 5.

Rob Shoesmith, a marketing manager for iPhone developer MEDL Mobile, makes no secret of the fact that his intention to take up a month-long residence outside Apple’s flagship store in Covent Garden is purely a publicity stunt.

In what he calls an “experiment to see if it's possible to live off of Apple's huge marketing influence”, Shoesmith will try to survive the endeavor only on freebies donated by sponsors and supporters.

Already he’s received goods and services valued thousands of pounds, including a trim from a mobile hairdresser and even an offer to be showered, literally, by promotional girls from a deodorant company (no prizes for guessing which one that is).

For food, he’s been sent bags full of candy and popcorn. And because his diet isn't already sweet enough, a local baker will also bake an iPhone-shaped cake while he waits in line.

Exactly when the ‘experiment’ will begin is still unknown, as Apple remains tight-lipped as to when it might be ready to unveil the iPhone 5. Rumours suggest that it's likely to take place in mid-September to October, so there's time yet to prepare if you're planning something similar.

To keep up to date with Rob’s progress, visit his blog

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