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Top 10 iPhone apps of summer 2011

Top 10 iPhone apps of summer 2011

Too busy to keep up with the latest iPhone apps this summer? Fret not, because we weren't. While you jostled crowds at muddy festivals, fell in love and kicked back on fancy holidays, we were rooted to our lappys in the stifling heat sifting through a mountain of titles to bring you the very best of the season. Sit back, put your feet up and enjoy. Hey, you've earned it, right?

1. Backstab

BackStab iOS

Backstab puts you in the shoes of Henry Blake, a once-proud officer in the Royal Navy who’s been betrayed by those he served and is out for revenge.

Set in the 18th century on a Caribbean island at the height of the British Empire, this is a free-roaming action-adventure that will see you jump, climb and sneak your way across a diverse landscape to reach and eliminate your enemies.

The graphics are rendered in gorgeous 3D with realistic character models, fluid animations and excellent voiceover effects to give you a truly immersive experience.

If you’ve played titles such as Assassin’s Creed, you’ll feel right at home in Backstab.

iTunes Preview

2. Alice's Wonderdream

Alice's Wonderdream iPhone

Alice’s Wonderdream takes the hugely popular gliding mechanic of Tiny Wings and gives it a brand new twist.

You play as Alice, a sleeping elf who’s been transported to a dream world filled with delicious foods. And, as well she might, all she wants is to eat as much of them as possible before the sun wakes her up.

Alice begins her journey on the chocolate valley, a rollercoaster of slippery slopes, which she can use to her advantage to gobble up the abundance of cakes and candies floating in the sky. The more you eat and the farther you travel, the more points you score.

The key is to maintain Alice’s momentum as she traverses the rippled terrain. Simply tap the screen at just the right moment and watch her slide sky high with little difficulty.

It’s a sickeningly cute title, made all the sweeter by the positively bright, colourful level designs. If you enjoyed Tiny Wings and want more, visit to Alice’s Wonderdream is mandatory.

iTunes Preview

3. Army of Darkness Defense

Army of Darkness iPhone

Army of Darkness is a side scrolling casual defense title loosely based on the Sam Raimi classic that you may or not recall from the '80s.

You play as Ash, a haunted man who, for those uninitiated in the horror genre, is the same Ash from the Evil Dead series.

Somehow Ash has been sucked through a time warp to medieval times, where the Lord Arthur and his people are at war with the undead and it’s up to you to help them out.

Developed by the same folk that made the supremely easy to pick up and play Paper Toss, simplicity is still the winning formula here. Ash has two main weapons at his disposal: a shotgun and a chainsaw. He can also use magic to summon armoured swordsmen, knights and archers to fight alongside him.

The charming graphics and animation do a great job of retaining the wit and humour of the movie, complimented by more than 100 lines from the movie to keep the nostalgia alive and kicking.

If you’re a fan of Raimi’s movies, or even if you simply enjoy slaying the undead, this is a must-have gem for your collection.

iTunes Preview

4. PhotoToaster

PhotoToaster iPhone

PhotoToaster is a photo manipulation software that offers an array of post-processing tools to transform your otherwise dark, drab snaps to true ‘keepers’.

From simple lighting adjustments and colour corrections to rich multi-layer composite effects, there’s a host of possibilities here to create professional-looking images with very little effort.

Simply pick from a preset with up to sixteen manual adjustment options. Choose from beautiful global presets or go with category presets created specially for a variety of photography style. Or if you feel particularly inspired, run with your own individual settings.

And don’t worry, edits are non-destructive too, so you can experiment to your heart’s content to achieve the result you want.

If you enjoy photography with your iPhone, PhotoToaster is an essential component to have on your side.

iTunes Preview

5. djay

djay iPhone

djay transforms your iPhone to a full-fledged portable DJ system with seamless integration with your iPod library and a realistic turntable interface.

From automatic beat and tempo matching to loops, cue point trigger and an equaliser, this is a powerful music tool with none of the hassle that comes with lugging around real life equipment.

You can perform live, record mixes on the fly, or simply enable the Automix mode and let djay effortlessly mix your favorite iPod playlist into a professional-sounding liveset.

Whether you’re a hobbyist or an experienced professional, there’s enough variety here for anyone seeking an immersive DJ experience on the go.

iTunes Preview

6. Super 8

Super 8 iPhone app

Super 8 is a vintage camera emulator inspired by the recent Hollywood blockbuster of the same name. It allows you to shoot your own little movie using nothing but your trusty iPhone and natural film-making nous.

Choose from seven lens filters, three animated effects, a scratch and dirt overlay for a dated look and a frame shake – all of which can be mixed and matched according your vision. Arrange clips and scenes the way you want them and even add credits where appropriate.

Once complete, send off your masterpiece to be developed and exported to your personal library, where you can easily export your masterpiece to a computer or email to friends.

It’s super easy to use and for just 59p, worth every penny too.

iTunes Preview

7. 9mm

9mm iPhone

9mm is a high-octane third-person shooter with adrenaline-pumping action and epic set pieces that’ll see you gunning down your adversaries in kickass slow motion – John Woo-style.

You are John "Loose" Kannon, a no-nonsense detective who isn’t afraid to enforce the law even if it sometimes means bending it.

But it all gets hairy when Kannon takes it a step too far by killing the brother of a drug kingpin and seizing millions in cash. Kannon and his team of hardboiled cops become a revenge target of every gang in town and it’s down to you to take the goons out before they take you out.

Needless to say, where the story lacks in complexity it more than makes up in sheer badassery. The highly polished graphics brilliantly convey the cinematic action and the framerate holds it together even during frantic firefights for an all round enjoyable gaming experience.

If you’re a fan of the Max Payne series or any other titles of this genre, 9mm will not disappoint you.

iTunes Preview

8. Videolicious

Videolicious iPhone

Videolicious is a video editor that allows you to create professional looking clips on your iPhone in just three easy to follow steps.

First, get started by choosing some shots of whatever your video is about. For example, photos and clips you’ve taken on a holiday. Next, talk a bit about your experience by recording yourself through the front-facing camera.

Lastly, add some music from your iPod library or from a range of sounds that come preloaded with the app, and the app will automatically trim, mix and jazz up your video in a minute or two, and voila – it’s ready to be shared with the world on Facebook and YouTube.

iTunes Preview

9. Frisbee Forever

Frisbee Forever iPhone

Love Frisbee and want to play it even when you’re indoors or on a train to work or doing pretty much anything that doesn’t involve actually throwing a Frisbee? Then Frisbee Forever is what you seek.

It’s a fully 3D Frisbee title for the iPhone with genuinely handsome visuals and more than 100 themed tracks (think: pirates, wild west, et al) to plough through at your heart’s content.

Toss the Frisbee by simply flicking it on the screen and then control its flight by tilting the iPhone in the direction you want. Your job is to guide the disc through a series of floating hoops as fast and as efficiently as possible, while collecting stars along the way to earn bonus points as well as coins which can be spent to purchase new Frisbees.

There are also trophies to unlock and secret bonuses aplenty by gaining a higher score, which means there are plenty of reasons to keep going back for more.

iTunes Preview

10. First Touch Soccer

First Touch Soccer iPhone

First Touch Soccer may not be a familiar name for footy gamers camped with the likes the FIFA and Pro Evo year in, year out, but it’s one that any self-respecting fan of the sport with an iPhone should become acquainted with real fast.

Not only is it a gorgeous game that takes advantage of the Retina display, it has tremendous depth and the kind of high production values that you would expect from a full-fledged console title.

The gameplay is brilliant and as immersive as it gets on a mobile device, thanks to intuitive controls, smart AI and realistic physics with detailed player animations.

Play with over 250 licensed clubs in 30 competitions and seven game modes, including a Season mode, where you can guide your beloved team to league glory. Or if you like, create your own dream team with the best players around the world, with home and away kit to boot, and take on anything the competition throws at you.

Not fond of playing solo? Local multiplayer lets you challenge a mate over Wi-Fi. And if you keep putting a cricket score past your chum, then perhaps online multiplayer is where you need to be.

For 59p, you really can’t ask for more from a game that offers all this and more. Be sure to pick this up.

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