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  5. Top 5 reasons iPhone apps are better than Android apps

Top 5 reasons iPhone apps are better than Android apps

Top 5 reasons iPhone apps are better than Android apps

1 The best and biggest apps hit the iPhone first

Tiny Wings iPhone banner

The extraordinarily lovely Tiny Wings hit the iPhone way back in February. Several million sales and months and months later and Fandroids are still waiting.

The same was true of Angry Birds, which began its ascent to cultural touchstone status on iOS. Oh, and so did Plants Vs Zombies. In fact, if you think of a mobile game that’s a bona-fide phenomenon, it’s almost certain to have landed on the iPhone first.

Doesn’t bother you? That’s your call. But maybe it should. The point about technology and being a fully clued-up fan thereof is that you’re embracing THE NEW before anyone else. Waiting while the rank and file get it is kind of missing the point.

2 iPhone apps just work

Is there anything more frustrating than Apple’s censorious approach to app approval? I’d venture there very much is. And that’s shelling out for an Android app that splutters into life before crashing, dying and leaving you several pounds none the richer.

And for all the grousing about Jobs’ minions’ scrupulous screening of the wares on offer at the App Store, you can rest assured that those hundreds of thousands that made the cut do what they say on the tin. You might still buy a sub-par app. Let’s face it, Apple’s market isn’t short of them. But at least they actually load.

3 There’s more iPhone apps

Apple iPhone App Store

At the last count back in February the App Store was full to the brim with 348,894 apps. The Android Market was several laps off the pace with 87,785 titles. That’s a quarter of the haul on offer for iDevice users.

More apps means more choice. What’s more, even though the number of Android apps is growing at a faster rate than the iPhone, iOS will lead the market in sheer volume for years to come.

4 No such thing as iMalware

Android malware

Android Market is the sick man of the app world, with even light users at risk of seriously damaging their smartphone’s health. And until Google imposes itself on devs and closes the door to venal, bottom-feeding crims, it’ll stay that way.

Say what you like about vetting apps a la Apple. But being able to buy with confidence that your identity and personal finances aren’t at risk isn’t to be sniffed at.

5 Better graphics for games

infinity blade marrow

Epic’s Infinity Blade is a graphical tour de force. So much so, you’d be impressed even if you saw it running on a current-generation console. There’s nothing that even comes close on Android.

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