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  5. Apple ‘Find My Friends’ social network service incoming

Apple ‘Find My Friends’ social network service incoming

Apple ‘Find My Friends’ social network service incoming

Fresh evidence of Apple’s secret plans to create its own social networking service has emerged in a latest leak.

Two patent drawings, along with HTML code, have been sighted by the eagle-eyed folk at 9to5Mac, adding weight to rumours that Cupertino is working on a location-based service similar to Google Latitude.

Find My Friends, as it looks likely to be called, will allow iFans to see where their contacts are hiding out at a specific point in time. Illustrations from the company’s patent application from 2010 show two possible screen designs that will display a list of friends with their addresses and the distance they are from the user’s present location.

Apple Find My Friends patent drawings

And if HTML code, unearthed from Apple’s MobileMe/iCloud website, is anything to go by, there will be features similar to Twitter, too, with labels such as ‘People I am following’, ‘People following me’, ‘Block new follow request’ that are clearly intended for similar friends management tools.

According to 9to5Mac, Find My Friends is likely to be a part of iCloud in iOS 5, which presents a number of opportunities for Apple to set its service apart from rivals. One clever implementation may be having photos, videos and other updates by friends and family displayed on a map, taking the New Feed feature of Facebook to a new level.

iOS 5 will launch officially with the iPhone 5, which looks set to land some time in October.

Source: 9to5Mac via CNET

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