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  5. iPhone 5: 5 reasons why the hype will be justified

iPhone 5: 5 reasons why the hype will be justified

iPhone 5: 5 reasons why the hype will be justified

As ever, the hype surrounding the new iPhone is reaching a crescendo in the days ahead of its release. And while the October 4th launch event is bound to have Apple fans rapt, it’s also a big day for the smartphone industry.

All handset-makers look to the iPhone to see how Apple is hoping to wrest the initiative from rivals. And while none of them would admit it, this is still the phone that started the current smartphone boom. From what we know so far, the iPhone 5 promises to be every bit as sleek as its predecessor. Here are five reasons why the hype will be justified.

1 Assistant


This new feature has been trailed extensively online and promises to make speech recognition and voice control better than ever. Word is Apple has lined this up exclusively for the iPhone 5, rather than as part of the wider iOS 5 update.

It’ll allow you to send emails and texts by voice, as well as make appointments using a new taskbar similar to the current multitasking panel. Expect this to be the main focus of Tim Cook’s first keynote in charge.


wireless logo

If Apple does include this speedier protocol in its new phones, it’ll give it the edge in countries where 4G is not yet standard. Like right here in the UK.

Rumours emerging from Chinese mobile networks suggest this will be the case. The potential 21Mb download speeds will make using the iPhone 5 much snappier for current users. Yes, it’s already out there on other phones, but the iPhone’s popularity will help take it mainstream.

3 1080p video

Camera illustration

There’s a strong chance that Apple will include 1080p Full HD video recording skills withe the iPhone 5. This will help it match the HTC Sensation and Samsung Galaxy S2, but its the peerless iMovie for iOS software that will really help lift it above rivals. Editing and uploading HD videos from your phone will hopefully be easier than ever before.

4 Design

iPhone 5 placeholder

Even the most vociferous Apple critics can’t deny that Jony Ive is the leading industrial designer in the world right now. His work has made Apple a byword for cutting-edge design and the iPhone 5 should be no different.

That means no nasty edges and no plasticky port covers. Instead a sharp, hopefully metal-backed device that will send rivals back to the drawing board.

5 iOS 5

ios 5

The new version of iOS won’t be iPhone 5 exclusive, but it will work best on the new handset. The OS has been in developers’ hands for months and early plays with it suggest it’s by far more rounded and well thought out than Android.

Yes, the notification center is a direct rip off of Android’s pull-down version. But its implementation feels far more slick, another area where Jony Ive’s influence has been felt.

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