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  5. iPhone 5 & iPhone 4S 'confirmed' by Apple exec Al Gore

iPhone 5 & iPhone 4S 'confirmed' by Apple exec Al Gore

iPhone 5 & iPhone 4S 'confirmed' by Apple exec Al Gore

Rumours that Apple could be about to unveil two new smartphones were apparently confirmed yesterday by one-time US Vice President and Apple insider Al Gore.

The climate change activist and all-round good egg appeared to inadvertently reveal the Cupertino-based tech giant’s plans in a speech at the Discovery Invest Leadership Summit in South Africa.

Addressing delegates at the talking shop, Gore referred specifically to “new iPhones coming out next month”. That’s 'phones' plural – presumably meaning that along with the iPhone 5, we’re also in for the, much-rumoured, lesser-spotted, low-cost iPhone 4S.

iPhone 5 placeholder

Not convinced? Well consider the fact that Gore is an Apple board member, so you’d assume is party to everything that goes down at its Cali HQ. He’s also a close personal friend of Steve Jobs. So much so that Apple’s talisman gave Gore his personal endorsement for the POTUS role way back when.

Details of what the phones have to offer are a closely guarded secret right now. But according to the rumour mill, the iPhone 4S will recycle parts, such as the screen and A4 processor, from the current-gen Apple smartphone to keep costs under control.

iPhone 5, conversely, looks to be a pretty major upgrade, with mooted features taking in an eight megapixel snapper, the same brawny A5 dual core processor that stars in the iPad 2 and a larger four-inch display.


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