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iPhone 5 launching at Apple HQ?

iPhone 5 launching at Apple HQ?

Apple will break with tradition to unveil its next-generation iPhone at the company’s HQ, reports suggest, ending its recent run of handset launch events at the Yerba Buena arts complex.

According to insiders cited by AllThingsD, the tech giant will lift the lid on its new handset/handsets at the Town Hall Auditorium on the Apple campus.

The shift is believed to have been driven in part by problems setting a concrete date for when the phone would be ready to debut.

However, equally likely to have weighed on the decision is a desire to give newbie CEO Tim Cook, who will likely host the showcase, a friendlier setting as he steps into Steve Jobs’s shoes and attempts to charm the massed ranks of tech journalists.

iphone 5 concept 2

The stop-the-clocks launch event is expected to take place on October 4th, with supply chain heat and leaks from purported Apple sources suggesting that for the first time ever, the company will release two new handsets simultaneously.

As well as the iPhone 5, which is being touted as a major upgrade, we’re also in for a cheaper model provisionally dubbed the iPhone 4S that recycles parts from the current-generation smartphone. Both are likely to hit stores in mid-October.



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