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iPhone 5 release date leaked on Amazon?

iPhone 5 release date leaked on Amazon?

A product listing for an iPhone 5 case on Amazon suggests we could be able to get our hands on the fifth-gen Apple kit in a matter of days.

The online retail giant is listing a case, complete with a plastic stylus, for the handset with a release date of September 19th – implying that the official launch event should be announced very, very soon indeed. Much sooner than recent rumours of an October 21st due date have led us to believe.

Uncovered by the good people at Stuff, the case, alas, doesn’t give too much away about the forthcoming smartie’s design.

However, if earlier leaks can be trusted, we’re looking at a slimmer, lighter handset with a four-inch display – up from the iPhone 4’s 3.5-inches.

iphone 5 case listing

Apple is also believed to have upgraded the camera from five megapixels to a much more respectable eight megapixels and, in the US at least, will be including 4G support for a much faster mobile internet experience.

Elsewhere, it’s believed to include improved voice controls and – this one is a bit leftfield, we’ll admit - possibly even 3D playback.

While we have no confirmed dates for iPhone 5 deals to purchase, are expecting to be able to offer contract deals as soon as they are available online.



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