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  5. iPhone 5 screen defect could delay launch

iPhone 5 screen defect could delay launch

iPhone 5 screen defect could delay launch

A defect has been reportedly detected in the production of iPhone 5 touchscreens that could potentially delay the handset’s rumoured launch next month, supply chain sources claim.

The defect, dubbed a ‘delayed bubble’, was found in screens produced by Wintek, a China based supplier on manufacturing detail for almost a fifth of iPhone 5 screens.

According to DigiTimes’ tipsters, it can be problematic if discovered during assembly rather than the lamination process. However, Wintek brushed off any concerns saying that all of its products are on schedule for shipments.

Apple has yet to announce if a new iPhone is even in the works. AllThingsD recently reported, citing sources abreast of matters down at Cupertino, that an announcement for the next iPhone is likely to be made on October 4th followed a release on October 21st.

A recent slip of tongue from former US VP and eco-warrior Al Gore also suggests Apple could announce more than one iPhone model, the iPhone 5 and a 4S cheaper, incremental upgrade of the current iPhone 4. However, analyst Brian Blair at Wedge Partners believes we’re only in for the latter rather than a brand new successor that most of us are hoping for.



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