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  5. iPhone 5: snaps hint at larger design & new home button

iPhone 5: snaps hint at larger design & new home button

iPhone 5: snaps hint at larger design & new home button

Apple’s fifth-gen iPhone will buck the trend for ever-more micro-sized tech with a larger design, leaked snaps suggest.

Like death and taxes, the fact that new kit from the House of Ive will always be smaller and lighter than previous iterations has long been thought of as one of life’s certainties.


Not so, it seems. Authentic-looking snaps of the iPhone 5’s screen protector, unearthed by the good, good people at, suggest that we’re actually in for a significantly bigger device. That flies in the face not just of received wisdom, but earlier leaks too.

iphone 5 projector 1

And the revelations don’t end there. The photos also indicate that Apple has revamped the phone’s home button, which unlike common-or-garden pressers that just return you to page-one, looks large enough to support multiple gestures – possibly for flicking through menus.

Other specs for the handset are still a matter for conjecture. But if you believe what we’re being told, we can look forward to an eight megapixel camera and a more powerful dual core processor – most likely the same A5 number that features in the iPad 2.

A concrete release date is similarly hard to come by. Although Orange CEO Stephane Richards reckons the handset will land October 15th. And, given his company's long-time status as an Apple network-partner, we think this is the most credible due-date yet.



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