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iPhone 5 stolen by factory worker?

iPhone 5 stolen by factory worker?

An iPhone 5 could have been liberated by a Chinese factory worker ahead of its release next month, reports suggest, in a serious breach of Apple’s rigorous security lockdown in the weeks leading up to a device launch.

According to an accessories supplier from Shenzen cited by Mic Gadget, a prototype of the much-anticipated handset was stolen by a worker at a factory owned by Apple’s manufacturing partner Foxconn.

Apparently, the minion was able to bypass security drones by disguising the iPhone 5 in a case that gave it the look of Apple’s current-gen smartphone.

Apple logo in marbles

It’s thought that the leak, which has only just come to light, explains the rash of iPhone 5 cases that have been cropping up of late, with the liberator having apparently offloaded his booty to an accessory maker for a somewhat paltry $3,100 to use as a template.

So what can read into the cases that we've seen so far? Well, for the most part they appear to confirm that Apple’s next effort will indeed be the thinner and longer handset that heat from Apple’s supply chain and the online rumour mill has led us to believe. But they also strongly suggest that if it's a radical redesign you're holding out for, you'd best prepare to be disappointed.

The good news is that we won’t have to wait too much longer to find out for sure. Last night, Apple confirmed it will lift the lid on its new smartphone challenger on October 4th at its California campus.


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