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iPhone 4S confirmed by iTunes beta?

iPhone 4S confirmed by iTunes beta?

Apple has apparently confirmed the name of its next-generation smartphone in a pre-release version of iTunes.

According to the keen-eyed iFans at Apple Insider, a reference to a handset dubbed the 'iPhone 4S' is contained in the info.plist file of the MobilDevices bundle that came with the latest beta version of iTunes 10.5.

Perhaps tellingly, display icons for the phone, which it seems will be available in black and white colourways from day one, are apparently indistinguishable from those used for the iPhone 4.

iphone 5 concept 2

The leak could mean one of two things. One possibility is that the fifth-generation Apple phone is the incremental upgrade rumours suggest, something reflected in the minimal name change from its predecessor.

Or it could be that the iPhone 4S that Apple is referring to is a cheaper, scaled down smartphone, which will be released alongside a more substantial upgrade likely to be dubbed 'iPhone 5'.

Whatever Apple has got up its sleeve, we won’t know for sure until tomorrow, when the Cupertino-based tech giant finally lifts the lid on its next smartphone challenger or challengers at its California campus at 6pm UK time.

Apple Insider

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