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  5. iPhone 4S death grip ruled out by analyst

iPhone 4S death grip ruled out by analyst

iPhone 4S death grip ruled out by analyst

Apple’s adoption of dual antennas for the iPhone 4S will make the dropped calls that plagued its predecessor a dim and distant memory, an analyst has predicted.

The problem, which affected the iPhone 4 and was dubbed ‘antennagate’ by tech wags, meant that the phone’s reception was impaired when held a certain way – aka the so-called ‘death grip’.

To avoid a repeat performance, this time around Apple has opted for dual antennas located on the exterior of the iPhone 4’s case. The phone switches unbidden between the antennas to ensure the best reception possible.

And according to Spencer Webb, an antenna design doyenne at AntennaSys, that ought to nix the problem from the get-go.

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He told PC Mag: "Apple would very much like Antennagate dead; frankly, I think Antennagate is dead.”

The dropped calls problem, which meant that the iPhone 4 failed to fulfil its primary function as a phone, remains perhaps the worst PR meltdown Apple has ever had to deal with since the company's inception.

Although, the new aerial design received scant mention in the recent launch event for the iPhone 4S, it’s likely that the rethink significantly contributed to the delay to the fifth-gen Apple phone as the gadget-maker sought to avoid tarnishing its reputation for kit that ‘just works’.

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