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iPhone 4S launches, Siri has issues in the UK

iPhone 4S launches, Siri has issues in the UK

Apple’s iPhone 4S officially goes on sale today, bringing advanced specs and voice guided tech to the masses. Although not all is as rosy as it would seem for Siri users in the UK with reports that it does not quite work as expected for local businesses.

According to a report on Crave CNET UK, Apple hasn’t localised Siri to look up places, shops and other businesses in Blighty as it has done so across The Pond. This means if you want to look up a nearby newsagent that does Oyster top-ups, you’re probably not going to find it, at least in the immediate future.

Currently Apple has a deal with Yell in the US for directory services. This is not the case in the UK, as there is considerable work and negotiations involved and by Apple’s own admission, Siri is still in beta and will take more time to reach its full potential.

What does that mean for those hundreds and thousands of punters queuing up across the country to get their hands on the iPhone 4S? Well, for the time being you’re better off relying on Google’s Maps and Voice Search applications for your index needs until Cupertino gets its act together.

Unfortunately there’s no timeline as to when UK users can expect to find Siri up to speed with its Stateside counterpart. Our best bet is that we’ll see something by autumn before the Christmas rush kicks off.

UPDATE: Apple has confirmed on its Siri FAQ page that support for maps and local search suport for international users will arrive in 2012. Bummer.



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