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  5. iPhone 4S priced on T-Mobile, pre-orders are go

iPhone 4S priced on T-Mobile, pre-orders are go

iPhone 4S priced on T-Mobile, pre-orders are go

T-Mobile has unveiled iPhone 4S monthly price points for customers pre-ordering Apple’s latest smartphone challenger.

Would-be owners can sign up now for the 16GB iteration in white or black for free on contracts starting at £45.96 per month over a 24-month term.

Choose the 32GB edition on a free phone deal and you’re looking at an outlay of at least £61.27 per month, also over a two-year contract term.

More of a top of the range kind of guy? Alas, T-Mobile isn’t offering any free phone contracts for the iPhone 4S 64GB. However, if that’s the model you want you can still get it for £61.27 over the standard 24-month contract, but you’ll have to pay an upfront fee of £99.99.

iphone 4s triplicate

Unveiled earlier this week, the fifth generation iPhone packs a much improved eight megapixel camera – up from the five megapixel snapper that featured on the iPhone 4.

It also rocks the same brawny dual core A5 processor as the iPad 2 to keep everything running buttery smooth and harnesses HSPA+ connectivity for mobile web browsing at up to twice the speed of its predecessor.

Perhaps the jewel in Apple’s new kit’s crown, however, is the Siri voice commands app that comes pre-installed.

Touted as a fun, ground-breaking new way of interacting with your smartphone, Siri enables owners to conduct web searches, book appointments, check the weather and schedule reminders by voice alone.

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