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  5. iPhone 4 & iPad won't get Siri, says Apple

iPhone 4 & iPad won't get Siri, says Apple

iPhone 4 & iPad won't get Siri, says Apple

Hopes that Apple will port the iPhone 4S’s Siri voice control app to older generation phones and tablets have been dashed today, after the gadget-maker apparently moved to refute rumours circling in the tech press.

Speculation that the service was coming to the iPhone 4, iPads and possibly even an iPod or two surfaced this week amid a slew of reports claiming Apple staff have been testing the a Siri-enabled software build on unspecified devices from the Cupertino back catalogue.

However, any semblance that the tech giant harbours plans for a Siri takeover of its product line in the foreseeable future have since been dealt a deadly blow in an official Apple reply to a bug report.

iphone 4 dual

The response, picked up on by Cult of Mac contributor Michael Steeber, stated: “Engineering has provided the following feedback regarding this issue: Siri only works on iPhone 4S and we currently have no plans to support older devices.”

Loudly trumpeted at the launch of the iPhone 4S, Siri is currently exclusive to Apple’s newest smartphone and is a key differentiator from its predecessor to which it otherwise appears identical.

Response to the app has been mixed, with every amazed gasp from punters tempered by the grousing from tech wags who claim that Siri is once again evidence of Apple taking existing technology, rebranding it and passing it off as something extraordinary and unique to their company. Us? We couldn't possibly comment...


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