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  5. iPhone 4S battery & antenna given all clear

iPhone 4S battery & antenna given all clear

iPhone 4S battery & antenna given all clear

The iPhone 4S’s battery has scored “very well” in tests by an influential US consumer body, despite widespread reports that the handset’s juice depletes much faster than advertised.

The recommendation from Consumer Reports appears to endorse Apple’s initial loudly trumpeted claims that iPhone 4S owners can expect eight hours of talk time, 200 hours of standby or up to six hours of mobile internet use on a single full charge.

iphone 4s triplicate

However, that flies in the face of hundreds of testimonies from buyers cropping up on support forums, as well as an open admission of a problem from Apple. In response, the tech giant has pledged to push out a fix via an iOS operating system update in a “few weeks time”.

Consumer Reports, which refused to recommend the iPhone 4 in the wake of the so-called death grip, dropped calls fiasco, also gave the iPhone 4S a clean bill of health for its antenna.

Problems with the phone’s battery and the Sir voice app appear to have done little to dampen demand for the iPhone 4S, with more than four million sold in the first three days of availability.

The handset has since gone on to set sales records in South Korea and reportedly sold out on pre-order in China within ten minutes.

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