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iPhone 4S call problems worsening?

iPhone 4S call problems worsening?

More and more iPhone 4S owners are reporting issues with basic call functionality, it has been revealed, as problems with the handset continue to mount.

Apple support forums are currently awash with hundreds of testimonies from iPhone 4S users claiming that outbound and inbound audio disappears when making calls.

The problem is now so widespread that some threads feature 35 pages of piqued responses, suggesting that we could soon be looking at a PR disaster of Antennagate proportions.

Initially, issues with calls were thought to be relatively limited in scope with glitches seemingly only occurring when a headset was in use and causing little more than an irksome echo effect.

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However, as increasing numbers of 4S buyers come forward with their tales of woe, many of whom claim they are speaking directly into the phone, it appears Apple is once again facing criticism that its all-singing, all-dancing smartphone fails in its primary function of making and taking calls.

Worse is that the latest glitches impairing the 4S come after the Cupertino-based tech behemoth was this week forced to admit to problems with said handset’s battery life.

The issue, which caused some users to lose up to ten per cent of their juice every hour when in standby mode, is set to be addressed with an iOS update due in a couple of weeks.

Users have reportedly had some luck with fixing complications with voice calls by hitting the phone’s speaker button, while others report a system restore is also of limited assistance.


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