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iPhone 4S production cut by Apple?

iPhone 4S production cut by Apple?

Apple has cut orders for the iPhone 4S for the crucial festive period, it has been claimed, amid suggestions that consumer demand is tailing off in key territories.

According to sources at Apple manufacturing partners cited by Chinese business site Commercial Times, the tech giant has slashed orders for the last quarter of 2011 and the first quarter of next year due to slackening sales in Europe and North America. Shortages of critical components of the all Siri-ing, all-dancing smartie also reportedly weighed on the decision.

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And in a further sign that not all may not be well at Cupertino C.A, iPad 2 orders have also taken a haircut – apparently due to what the report calls “short-term market saturation”.

Total orders across both product lines are down by between ten and 15 per cent as a result of the cuts, the site claims.

News of the move jars with separate news stories indicating the iPhone 4S remains in huge demand, despite widely circulated, substantiated problems with battery life and unconfirmed issues over call quality.

After shipping four million units in three days of its launch a month or so back, the fifth-gen iPhone is now purportedly setting records in China and South Korea where it has only just landed.


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