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iPhone 4S SIM card glitches uncovered

iPhone 4S SIM card glitches uncovered

More problems with the iPhone 4S have been uncovered, as Apple continues to wrestle with the handset’s battery life issues.

Last week, the tech giant sought to address the causes of the battery longevity flaw via the iOS 5.0.1 software update. But with reports continuing to flood in from irate users still experiencing reduced juice, it's clear that it's a far from comprehensive fix.

iphone 4s triplicate

Worse still, today it seems that as well as failing to fully tackle the battery problem, iOS 5.0.1 has brought with it some new ones too.

According to U.S user testimonies on Apple support forums, a number of iPhone 4S owners across a range of networks who’ve downloaded the over-the-air OS bump have since found their smartie has trouble recognising their SIM card.

Upon inserting the card, they’re variously greeted with the messages ‘SIM Failure’ and ‘Invalid SIM’. Naturally, the snafu means that owners are unable to make calls and send texts – meaning their spanking new smartie doesn’t actually fulfil its primary function as a phone. And, it has to be said, rendering the ‘most amazing iPhone yet’ a good deal less amazing.

The 4S has also been blighted by issues with the much-vaunted Siri voice activated digital assistant app, which was hampered by an outage in the US earlier this month.

A second iOS update is expected before long that Apple has promised will nix the phone's battery issues good and proper.

If Cupertino wants to avoid a repeat of the PR-mageddon that was Antennagate, they'd best hope they get it right this time around.


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