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iPhone 4S: Siri goes down all over Europe

iPhone 4S: Siri goes down all over Europe

Apple’s much-vaunted iPhone 4S voice activated commands application, Siri, has gone down all over Europe, leaving users without wry responses to the Big Questions and voice activated searches.

Twitter is currently brimming with piqued iPhone 4S owners’ testimonies from all over the Continent, after the service's servers threw a wobbly. iPhone 4S users in India and South Korea are reportedly also sans Siri.

iOS 5 Siri

As is its wont, Apple has yet to acknowledge the matter at this early stage of its development, with missives on the device itself announcing that it is “unable to take any requests right now” currently serving as the company’s sole admission that something is awry.

This marks the second time Siri has, ahem, lost its voice since it appeared amid typical Apple levels of ballyhoo and hype at the launch of the iPhone 4S.

In early November, an outage affected the service in the US, rendering the iPhone 4S little more than an iPhone 4 with a better camera and a bit more processing brawn.

Apple has come in for heavy criticism for launching Siri in Europe with none of the navigation or local search features that our American cousins enjoy. This functionality is not set to arrive until next year.

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