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iPhone 4S users report echo on calls

iPhone 4S users report echo on calls

iPhone 4S owners are experiencing unseemly echoes while making calls, once again prompting catcalls that Apple’s new kit fails in its primary function as a phone.

According to iFans cited in an item on Boy Genius Report, the problem arises when a wired headset is used, with the quality of the audio deteriorating and the voice on the other end prone to irksome echo.

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A user testimony on an Apple support forum stated: "When it happens the volume on the headset suddenly increases, as well as the white noise (snow) in the background increases to the point it pretty much over takes the conversation.

“The other person experiences quite a lot of delay in the echo, about two seconds and we are no longer able to communicate."

News of the problem comes in the wake of last year’s antennagate fiasco, which saw iPhone 4 owners experience dropped calls when the phone was held in a certain way.

The echo issue has also hit the headlines just days after a welter of complaints over the iPhone 4S’s battery life, purportedly related to a timezone bug. Some buyers claim their phones are losing as much as ten per cent of their juice every hour when in standby mode.


Boy Genius Report

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