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  5. iPhone 5 4" screen & mini iPad display in production from LG

iPhone 5 4" screen & mini iPad display in production from LG

iPhone 5 4" screen & mini iPad display in production from LG

Larger screens for the next-generation iPhone are in production by Apple's manufacturing partner LG, reports suggest, adding weight to conjecture that the iPhone 5 will feature significantly more display real estate.

According to an anonymous executive familiar with matters cited by Korea Times, the South Korean gadget-maker has already begun manufacturing four-inch screens – tallying with rumours swirling around the device for the best part of a year.

iPhone 5 placeholder

The source also claimed that LG is in the frame to make screens for a hitherto unheard of addition to the iPad family. Informally dubbed the “iPad mini”, the tablet will reportedly rock a 7.35-inch screen, compared with the 9.7-inches offered by the current-gen iPad 2.

The exec told the site: "Next year's iPhone to feature a 4-inch display by LG Display, half an inch larger than the 3.5-inch display and retina display resolution will remain unchanged because LCD is currently being regarded as the right solution to offer value with better cost-cuts.”

News of Apple’s plans comes after stories surfaced yesterday that founder and leading light Steve Jobs vetoed plans for a four-inch screen for the iPhone 4S on the grounds that it could result in fragmentation of the iOS platform – something the Cupertino-based tech giant has fought against strenuously.

Other rumoured features claimed to be on board the iPhone 5 at this early stage of the rumour cycle include a ten-megapixel camera and an iPad-style aluminium backplate.



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