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  5. iPhone 4S: Siri enhancements incoming?

iPhone 4S: Siri enhancements incoming?

iPhone 4S: Siri enhancements incoming?

Apple is looking to improve the iPhone 4S’s Siri app to provide a more natural, conversational feel, job notices suggest.

Ads picked up on by The Next Web reveal the Cupertino tech giant is looking to fill two positions, both of which will involve working on the voice commands service.

iOS 5 Siri

The lion’s share of the new hires’ remit will be enhancing the look of Siri and how it appears in the handset's view, the postings reveal.

However, explicit mention is also made of work to enable a conversation to “appear intuitive”, by implementing “subtle UI behaviours in a dynamic, complex system”. In other words, they’ll be tasked with working to foster a feeling that you’re having a conversation that’s closer to real, human interaction.

Evidence that Siri is set for improvements comes after the application received a mixed response from the tech press and consumers alike.

iphone 4s triplicate

For every neophyte wowed by the app, there has been a naysayer eager to point out that voice commands are nothing new and claim that Siri is a typically Apple-style triumph of marketing nous over genuine innovation.

Criticism has also been levelled at Siri’s problems with understanding British accents, as well as lack of navigation functionality in the UK.


The Next Web

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