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iPhone 5 to pack 128GB memory?

iPhone 5 to pack 128GB memory?

Apple could be about to acquire flash storage company Anobit, clearing the way for turbo-charged, mega-memory-toting iPhones in future.

The Cupertino-based tech giant is reputed to be negotiating a £256 million buyout of the Israeli flash storage specialists.

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The deal would allow it to bag sole use of the Memory Signal Processing (MSP) tech Anobit has pioneered, which enhances the “endurance [and] performance… of flash storage products and systems”.

Better yet, MSP also makes flash storage, which can be an expensive business and hugely pushes up the cost of manufacturing smarties, significantly cheaper, Anobit claims.

The deal could mean that the next-generation of iPhones will rock 128GB of storage space - double the capacity of the top-of-the-range edition of the iPhone 4S.

Perhaps more significantly from a business perspective, the acquisition would potentially allow Apple to undercut rivals’ devices with comparable capacity while denying them access to Anobit’s technology.

Apple’s strategy is also thought to have been informed by its increasingly bitter contretemps with Samsung over patent infringements. As it stands, Samsung supplies flash storage components to Apple. Buying Anobit would liberate Apple from relying on a rival for crucial parts.


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