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  5. iPhone goes up in flames for second time

iPhone goes up in flames for second time

iPhone goes up in flames for second time

Another iPhone has spontaneously combusted, following news last week that one of Apple’s costly handsets had gone all ‘Human Torch’ on its owner during an Australian flight.

According to Mashable, a Brazilian iPhone user’s handset overheated while charging overnight, emitting sparks and flames just 15cm from their face.

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Luckily, they emerged unscathed – albeit some $900 poorer thanks to the extortionate cost of iPhones in the land of Samba. Luckier still for Apple, there’s nary a hint of a lawsuit yet.

News of further problems with an Apple handset come after reports of an iPhone – either an iPhone 4S or 4 – exploding during a Regional Express flight LZ319 from Lismore to Sydney.

The damage to the handset was so severe and the heat so intense that the rear glass shattered and the middle right portion melted like butter on hot toast.

Apple has yet to comment on either case something that won't surprise seasoned watchers of the taciturn types that people its PR wing. But we’re sure to know more once we get a statement from the Australian Transport Safety Bureau.



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