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  5. iPhone to get global BBC iPlayer app on Thursday

iPhone to get global BBC iPlayer app on Thursday

iPhone to get global BBC iPlayer app on Thursday

The long, arduous wait to enjoy BBC programming on a dedicated iPhone application is almost over, following the announcement by Auntie that a global iPlayer app will be released on the App Store this Thursday.

iPlayer has been out on the iPad since February and became available to numerous European countries in summer. However, an app for Apple’s smaller iDevices was conspicuously absent, even though it is possible to access iPlayer on the mobile Safari browser, at least if you live in the UK.

Well, that’s about to change soon. The Beeb has confirmed that an app for the iPhone and iPod touch will be launching on December 8th and will be accessible in all the countries where the iPad version works. These are: Australia, Austria, Belgium, Canada, Denmark, Finland, Germany, Italy, Luxembourg, The Republic of Ireland, The Netherlands, Portugal, Spain, Sweden and Switzerland.

Although a US launch for the catch-up TV service was also planned before the year’s end, it’s unclear whether it will materialise on time. However, as soon as the localisation is taken care of, we expect the iOS apps to also become accessible.

“The global BBC iPlayer has seen great growth since the pilot first launched in July – both in terms of geographical expansion and technological developments”, said John Smith, Chief Executive of BBC Worldwide.

“Moving to iPhone and iPod Touch allows us to take the service to a significant new potential audience and deliver fantastic programme content from the BBC and the UK’s creative industry.”


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