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iPhone 4S demand still ‘incredibly strong’

iPhone 4S demand still ‘incredibly strong’

Demand for current-gen Apple’s iPhone is still high months after the release of the iPhone 4S, latest market research reveals.

A survey by ChangeWave Research found that more than half of those who plan to pick up a new smartphone in the next three months– 54 per cent to be exact – are eyeing Apple’s kit.

By comparison, just 13 per cent said they want a Samsung phone. That figure, however, has nearly tripled since the survey was conducted the last time back in September 2011.

And although demand for the iPhone has slipped from 65 per cent since then, that’s to be expected considering the iPhone 4S has already launched with another not expected anytime soon.

Increased consumer awareness of smartphones in general and the release of the Galaxy Nexus are said to be contributing factors to Samsung’s growing popularity, with anticipation mounting for the inevitable announcement of the Galaxy S3.

However, we reckon Apple will be more thrilled than Sammy by the findings. According to ChangeWave, Apple has "never dominated smartphone planned buying to this extent more than two months after a major new release".

And when it comes to customer satisfaction, the iPhone still leads the pack by some distance with a staggering 75 per cent current owners stating they are ‘very satisfied’ with their handsets, as opposed to 47 per cent of Samsung users and a rather appalling 22 per cent of BlackBerry owners.



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