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  5. iPhone apps 'crash more than Android'

iPhone apps 'crash more than Android'

iPhone apps 'crash more than Android'

iPhone apps are more crash-prone than those on Android handsets, a surprising study has revealed.

For years now, the received wisdom is that Android apps’ charms are more rough and ready than those for iOS devices, whose apps are vetted by Apple employees.

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With that in mind, not unreasonably, you’d have expected Android apps to crash more regularly, right?

Wrong-o. According to data from the spiffily named Crittercism, crashes during launch among the most popular iPhone apps run at 0.51 per cent.

That compares to just a rate of just 0.15 per cent among the most downloaded Android apps during the period between December 1st and 14th.

However, Crittercism CEO Andrew Levy cautioned against reading too much into the findings, which he said were likely to have been skewed by Apple updating its smartphone software just before the survey was conducted.

That meant that devs may not have had enough time to test their titles on the new iOS 5 version of the platform.

He told Forbes: "I expect as Ice Cream Sandwich just launched and the new Nexus S phone launched [during the study], we’ll expect the same situation to occur [with Android] as what happened [with iOS].”



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