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  5. iPhone 5 landing October & packs 4G, says source

iPhone 5 landing October & packs 4G, says source

iPhone 5 landing October & packs 4G, says source

The iPhone 5 will be along later this year, reports suggest, as Apple returns to its formerly regular-as-clockwork annual product refreshes.

According to a source cited by iMore, the handset will come to market in autumn, most likely in October which would be exactly 12 months after the iPhone 4S took its bow.

iPhone 5 placeholder

The reprise of a 12-monthly upgrade cycle would represent a return to the business model Apple has favoured since the arrival of the original iPhone back, before it broke with form and opted to wait 18 months to bring the iPhone 4S to market after the iPhone 4.

iMore’s source also corroborates existing rumours that the sixth-gen Apple smartphone will feature 4G support. That comes as little surprise, though, after next-gen network connectivity was incorporated in the just-released new iPad.

The latest spate of iPhone 5 speculation follows a muted response in the tech press to the iPhone 4S for failing to improve significantly on the iPhone 4. Naturally, that’s done little to dampen demand among the faithful, though.

Improvements expected to be present and correct this time around include a larger screen more processing grunt and a redesigned form factor.



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