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iPhone gets bulletproof case

iPhone gets bulletproof case

Smartfans who like living life dangerously will be pleased to know a bulletproof case has been invented for the iPhone.

Developed by Japanese outfit Marudai, the imaginatively named ‘Bulletproof’ case comes at an inch of thick steel armour plating that can reportedly withstand a .50 calibre round.

iPhone bulletproof case

Alas, it weighs a none-too-comfy 2.1kg and doesn’t deflect a wallet-busting price tag of $650 (around £400). Still, what’s worth more than thy precious self, eh? Your fashion sense, probably.

That said, a more practical solution might be to just buy a bullet-proof vest and stick your iKit underneath – potentially saving two lives in the process.

But if you really need extra protection for your phone, head over to Marudai’s website and have at it.



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