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iPhone Nano rumours get fresh legs

iPhone Nano rumours get fresh legs

Talk of a low-cost, more compact iPhone is a fixture of tech news sites. And today those rumours got a boost courtesy of fresh rumours stemming from China.

According to a report from China Times, which was picked up on for Western eyes by Boy Genius Report, Apple is said to be eyeing a cheaper iPhone in the face of strong competition from a slew of affordable Android devices.

iphone nano 2

The site does not name a price point. But, citing sources at the company’s manufacturing partners, it implies that it will be some way below the £300 asking price for the current entry-level Apple smartphone, the iPhone 3GS.

China Times also claims that the so-called iPhone Nano will be with us before the end to the year, presumably launching alongside a revamped flagship handset.

Last year, rumours surfaced that Apple would keep the cost of the handset down by incorporating a smaller, low-end screen and recycling parts from older models.

However, the notion smaller device was pooh-poohed by tech watchers on the grounds that it would cause very un-Apple-like fragmentation problems. Reduced screen real estate would also require developers to rewrite apps.



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