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  5. Facebook launches Instagram clone for iPhone

Facebook launches Instagram clone for iPhone

Facebook launches Instagram clone for iPhone

Just over a month since it announced its landmark deal for photo-sharing service Instagram, Facebook has released an app that does basically the same thing (though not necessarily as well).

Facebook Camera app iOS

Dubbed “Facebook Camera”, the official dedicated camera application enables iOS device users to take photos and upload them directly to their Facebook accounts.

You can crop your shot, tag friends and choose from a range of colourising filters, with uninspiring names such as “emerald”, “golden” and “neon”, to jazz up your work. You can then add a caption, location and select who you want to be able to see the photo before sending it on its merry way.

The app has a ‘Friends’ feed displaying photos from your chums along with captions, much like Instagram, with the ability to 'Like' them and add comments. There’s also a ‘Me’ screen for snaps you’ve uploaded.

While it’s by no means a replacement for Instagram, it’s still useful given the photo uploading experience is quite cumbersome on the regular Facebook app.

Derick Mains, a spokesperson for the social network told The Verge that “enhancing the Facebook photos experience on mobile is long overdue".

He assured that Instagram acquisition will not be affected by the app, stating “we're committed to building Instagram independently".

Facebook Camera is free to download on the App Store.

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