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  5. iPhone 5 component hints at redesign

iPhone 5 component hints at redesign

iPhone 5 component hints at redesign

The next iPhone will feature a redesigned shell, as Apple moves away from the design it has favoured for the last two generations of its all-conquering handset.

Close examination of the part, which leaked online yesterday and was picked up on by the Cydiablog, reveals that Apple has paired the handset’s headphone jack with the speaker for the earpiece and Wi-Fi cables.

iphone 5 earphone jack

That’s a significant shift from the current-gen iPhone where the jack is teamed with the volume controls and mute switch.

Assuming the component is the real deal, the repositioning of these facets of the phone could be the clearest sign yet that we could be in for a very different-looking handset with the next iPhone.

News of Apple’s plans comes amid seemingly unfounded speculation that the handset informally dubbed the iPhone 5 would ditch the 4 and 4S models’ Gorilla Glass construction in favour of the more robust Liquidmetal.

Rumours doing the rounds on tech sites also suggest that the sixth-gen iPhone will be 8mm thin and will be along in September.



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