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  5. iPhone App Store downloads dropped in March

iPhone App Store downloads dropped in March

iPhone App Store downloads dropped in March

The number of apps downloaded from the Apple App Store by US iKit owners fell in March, as the boost the market typically gets from a new-gen handset apparently began to wear off.

According to Fiksu's App Store Competitive Index, daily app downloads of the market's top 200 free applications slid by 30 per cent during the month to 4.45 million per day. That compares with a figure of 6.35 million per day during February.

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The monitoring company attributes the decline in part to the fact that the novelty of owning the iPhone 4S is beginning to diminish - particularly for consumers who shelled out for the handset in the final quarter of last year.

Micah Adler, Fiksu CEO, said: "With the novelty factor of the iPhone 4S launch and the holidays well behind us, and no other events in March to spark discovery, March's download dip was expected.

“An unexpected contributing factor could be the decline in the use of robotic install tactics by app marketers responding to Apple's new policy.

“The decline in competition and steady costs definitely presented app marketers with a ranking opportunity in March, driven largely through the cost-effective conversion of organic users into loyal users.”

We also think that - Angry Birds Space and Temple Run aside, obvs – the recent paucity of blockbuster apps that have crossed over to the mass market a la Rovio’s phenom could also be to blame for the downturn.

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