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  5. Vodafone: Samsung Galaxy S3 ‘most pre-ordered Android phone ever’

Vodafone: Samsung Galaxy S3 ‘most pre-ordered Android phone ever’

Vodafone: Samsung Galaxy S3 ‘most pre-ordered Android phone ever’

Following Carphone Warehouse’s announcement that the Samsung Galaxy S3 is the ‘fastest-selling’ smartphone of the year so far, Vodafone has confirmed it is the network’s most sought-after Android kit.

Samsung Galaxy S3 blue slanted official

With just a week to go before its hotly anticipated release, the Galaxy S3 is raking in pre-orders in huge numbers as networks and vendors brace themselves for what is arguably the biggest Android launch to date.

"We've been really encouraged by our customers' response to the Samsung Galaxy S3," a Vodafone spokesman said.

"With over a week to go until launch, it's already the most pre-ordered Android device we've brought into our smartphone line-up to date."

Vodafone is offering the S3 free on contracts starting at £41 a month over a two-year deal, which gets takers monthly allowances of 900 minutes, unlimited texts and 2GB of data.

Additionally, they’ll enjoy unfettered data for the first three months under the ‘Data Test Drive’ offer, and receive 100 free songs to download from the Vodafone Music Store.

Although numbers have yet to be officially verified, sources suggest the S3 has already racked up some nine million pre-orders around the globe.

Standout specs include a 4.8-inch HD Super AMOLED display, a 1.4GHz quad-core Exynos series processor, an eight-megapixel camera and Near Field Communications (NFC) support for fast data exchange and wireless payments.

It’s also home to some smart software, such as S Voice, a personal voice assistant similar to Apple’s Siri, and SmartStay, which uses the front-facing camera to detect eye movements to ensure the phone doesn’t fall asleep if the screen is not interacted with for a while, say, during a movie.

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