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Vodafone cuts price on iPhone 4S

Vodafone cuts price on iPhone 4S

Vodafone has shaved the price of the iPhone 4S for a limited period, heralding the return of those blink-and-you’ll-miss-‘em, flash sale-style promos.

Under the terms of the offer, if you sign up for the iPhone 4S 16GB edition on a £36 per month, two-year contract between now and June 30th Voda will cut the upfront fee by £30 to £29.

iphone 4s triplicate

Allowances included in the contract are 600 any-time, any-network minutes, unlimited texts and 1GB of mobile data per month.

Released late last year, the iPhone 4S retains the design and 3.5-inch high-density retina display of its predecessor but is a very different – and much more powerful – beast under the bonnet.

As well as more pixel-pushing brawn courtesy of the on board A5 dual core processor, it also upgrades the rear-mounted camera from five megapixels to eight megapixels.

The phone’s major differentiator, however, is the tech schism-inducing Siri voice commands app, which enables users to conduct web searches, schedule appointments and alarms and more by using spoken commands.

Find out more about the iPhone 4S here: iPhone 4S

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