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  5. iPhone 5: did it really sneak into WWDC keynote?

iPhone 5: did it really sneak into WWDC keynote?

iPhone 5: did it really sneak into WWDC keynote?

Secrecy and Apple go together like cloak and dagger. But not always. And certainly not if we can believe reports that the phone-make accidently gave us a glimpse of the next-gen iPhone during yesterday’s WWDC software showcase.

A keen-eyed iDownload blog reader noticed what appears to be a taller, all-white iPhone in the backdrop for yesterday’s keynote speech at Apple’s expo-cum-devs-get-together.

iphone 5 leak

The phone can be seen nestling snugly in a car-phone holder while Scott Forstall talked us through the Eyes Free feature of the Google Maps replacement, Apple Maps.

Assuming it really is the iPhone 5, or perhaps a prototype thereof, the handset would appear to corroborate long-standing reports that Apple will supersize its smartie to make way for a larger screen of four-inches or above.

A more capacious screen would bring the iPhone more in line with its top-end Android rivals, such as the Samsung Galaxy S3 and HTC One X - both of which feature a 4.8-inch display.

Set to land in October or September, the sixth-generation iPhone is also expected to ditch its Gorilla Glass body for a more robust LiquidMetal construction and feature a brawnier, quad-core processor - up from the dual-core number that keeps the 4S ticking over.


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