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  5. iPhone 5 new processor and cameras confirmed

iPhone 5 new processor and cameras confirmed

iPhone 5 new processor and cameras confirmed

Apple’s next-generation iPhone is set to feature a new processor in the A5 range, along with a high-definition front-facing camera, sources abreast of matters have claimed.

iPhone 5 concept banner

According to an unnamed tipster cited by 9to5Mac, the handset unofficially dubbed iPhone 5 will pack an ARM_S5L8950X chipset. The processor was previously thought to be a part of the A6 family, but now appears to be in a similar class to the A5X variant that featured on the ‘new iPad’.

It’s unclear exactly what sort of brawn the processor will pack, but going by the A5X, we’re thinking it’ll be at least a 1GHz dual core number, possibly with a more energy-efficient 32nm manufacturing process.

What we do know, though, is that it will come with 1GB of RAM on board and sport an SGX543RC* GPU (the asterisk represents a secret internal character to protect the source’s identity), again developed by Imagination Technologies.

Meanwhile, KGI analyst Mingchi Kuo claims the Cupertino giant will make “quite a few essential adjustments” to the next iPhone, including a move to a flip-chip (FC) front-facing camera with an HD resolution and a higher aperture range of f/2.2.

Although the rear-mounted camera will reportedly stay at its current eight-megapixel res, it’ll have a compact camera module (CCM) measuring 5.55 and a through-the-lens (TTL) metering of 4mm, down from 6mm and 4.88 respectively on the iPhone 4S.

Kuo says it will be “the most challenging iPhone design yet”, which has previously been rumoured to boast a thinner body of close to 8mm and a larger four-inch display with in-cell panel technology.


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