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  5. Spotify free radio to land on iPhone and iPad

Spotify free radio to land on iPhone and iPad

Spotify free radio to land on iPhone and iPad

Spotify has finally launched its own internet radio service for mobile devices, bringing free music streaming to iOS in an upcoming update.

Spotify Radio, as it’s aptly called, will be available to both free and premium members and works by organically building a playlist around a song, album or artist that users have listened to in the past.

Spotify radio iPhone

It’s a great way to discover new music or just enjoy if you’re tired of picking what to listen to. The snag, though, is you can’t skip for more than two songs due to rules stipulated by the Digital Millennium Copyright Act (DMCA).

“Our focus has always been on creating an amazing user experience,” said Spotify product VP Charlie Hellman.

“The radio feature we’ve added to our iPhone and iPad apps gives users the ability to discover, listen, and save what they like on the go — all within one app — for free.”

Thumbs up, thumbs down

Users can give songs a thumbs up or down, much like rival service Pandora. This ensures any song you don’t like is not played again for that particular playlist. Though it can still crop up on other playlists, but you can thumb it down again.

Additionally, you can add songs to your own playlists and share radio stations with friends on Facebook.

Unfortunately, due to DMCA rules and US licensing laws, only users stateside can take advantage of the free streaming, which is ad-supported. Those living across the Pond still need a premium subscription for £9.99 a month.

However, Spotify has said it is working to bring free streaming to other countries eventually, though it did not provide any timeframe as to when this might happen.

The updated Spotify app will drop “in the coming days”. Stay tuned.

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