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  5. iPhone 5 & iPad Mini engineering samples surface online

iPhone 5 & iPad Mini engineering samples surface online

iPhone 5 & iPad Mini engineering samples surface online

Images purporting to show engineering samples of the iPhone 5 and the so-called iPad Mini have leaked online, as speculation continues to mount over the much-rumoured new additions to Apple's product line later this year.

Sourced by Gotta Be Mobile from sources within Chinese factories, the snap of the iPhone 5 sample reveals a handset with a typically Ive-style rugged industrial design that’s remarkably similar to the current-gen Apple smartphone, kyboshing hopes that we're in for a radical new look this time around.

iphone 5 engineering sample

Although it is notable that, in line with ongoing speculation, the device looks to be taller and features a smaller bezel in order to accommodate a now nigh-on certain-to-feature' larger four-inch screen. Oh, and dividers in the backplate indicate that the iPhone 5 could combine different materials, too.

Elsewhere, it’s very much business as usual, with the antenna positioning holding fast from the 4S and the rear-facing camera present and correct in the same location as before, despite previous alleged 'leaks' suggesting these may get shuffled around.

It’s harder to glean much from the images of the so-called iPad Mini. But they do appear to confirm chatter that it will feature a 7.85-inch screen and swap the existing Apple dock connector for a new, smaller standard.

News of Apple’s future product pipeline comes amid expectations that the sixth-generation will make its debut in September or October. The iPad Mini is widely anticipated to tip up either in the fourth quarter or early next year.


Gotta Be Mobile

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