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  5. iPhone 5 to be unveiled on August 7th?

iPhone 5 to be unveiled on August 7th?

iPhone 5 to be unveiled on August 7th?

The next iPhone could show its face as early as next month, a bolt-from-the-blue tip-off from an insider suggests.

A ‘reliable industry source’, who remained anonymous, reportedly told Know Your Mobile that Apple will take the wrapping off its next-gen smartie on August 7th.

iPhone 5 placeholder (mock-up)

That’s less than a month away and flies in the face of earlier suggestions the world’s premier purveyor of seductively shiny goods will drop its next handset in September or October.

Alas, it seems KYM’s man of mystery couldn’t share any information about the look and feel of the phone or its specs. But it’s not as though the usual supply-chain deepthroats who normally service us with newsy tidbits haven’t been doing that anyway.

The latest speculation suggests the handset that almost certainly won’t be called the iPhone 5 will be home to a larger four-inch screen – up from 3.5-inches currently, a ten-megapixel camera, 4G network support and a quad-core processor.

Apple is also expected to opt for a taller, thinner form factor and ditch its 30-pin dock connector in favour of a new 19-pin , smaller standard.


Know Your Mobile

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