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  5. iPhone 5 longer-life battery pictured online

iPhone 5 longer-life battery pictured online

iPhone 5 longer-life battery pictured online

The iPhone 5 will pack a longer-life battery, leaked snaps purporting to show the handset’s cell suggest, as Apple bids to tackle the longevity problems that remain the smartphone world's dirty secret.

Sourced by 9 to 5 Mac, the photos depict a battery pack with a capacity of 1440mAh - up from the relatively underpowered 1340mAh cell that featured in the iPhone 4S and the 1420mAh number that was housed in the iPhone 4.

iphone 5 battery

That’s still some way off the most recent crop of Android superphones, though. Not least the Samsung Galaxy S3, which totes a 2100 mAh battery, albeit one that couldn't prevent it from being hamstrung with longevity problems early on.

The battery boost is thought to be necessary in part because of the extra strain that 4G network connectivity and quad-core processor, both of which are expected to feature in the iPhone 5, will put on the forthcoming smartphone's cell.

Corroborating that the battery in the snaps is intended for the next iPhone is that it was putatively set to to go into production in June 2012. As seasoned Apple-watchers will tell you, that's a lead-in time that tallies neatly with previous Apple manufacturing cycles and matches exactly the production schedule of the iPhone 4S.


9 To 5 Mac

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