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  5. iPhone 5 prototype surfaces in server logs

iPhone 5 prototype surfaces in server logs

iPhone 5 prototype surfaces in server logs

Apple has probably decided to call its next iPhone the ‘iPhone 5’ like everyone else, instead of deceiving us for another round, server logs that purportedly captured a prototype model suggest.

Unearthed by a “reliable source” of TechCrunch, a screenshot of the log reveals a device dubbed ‘iPhone 5,2’ crops up for a single session, believed to be an internal test unit of Apple’s sixth-generation kit.

Assuming it’s genuine, it adds fresh credence to the legion of rumours that the next Apple handset will be named iPhone 5, after the iGiant dashed expectations last year by launching the iPhone 4S.

The first clue that iPhone 5 will be the name for its next smartphone came to light after Apple won rights to the domain name back in May. Although it has so far maintained a militant silence regarding its plans for the next iPhone, that hasn’t put a stop to a welter of speculation as to what improvements it might bring.

The pick of the rumours include a taller, slimmer design, a larger four-inch display, Near Field Communication (NFC) technology and 4G support.

For a more comprehensive list of features that might be on board the iPhone 5, check out our rumours round-up.



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