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  5. iPhone 5 availability: your one-stop guide to UK pricing & release date

iPhone 5 availability: your one-stop guide to UK pricing & release date

iPhone 5 availability: your one-stop guide to UK pricing & release date

Want to get your hands on the iPhone 5? You and a predicted ten million other punters who are set to shell out within three weeks of the phone going on sale.

But how do you make sure you don't miss out in the stampede? And how do we know you’re getting the best price? We’ll be regularly updating this handy guide to help keep you in the loop.

Here’s what we know so far…

iPhone 5 official release date

The iPhone 5 will officially go on sale at major retailers and on networks in the UK on September 21st.

You can pre-order your phone from September 14th. However, doing so won't help get the phone any earlier. But assuming you’re among the first to get your order in, the phone will be despatched on September 21st, allowing you to avoid the long queues and disappointment of a stock shortage.

iphone 5 official side by side

Which carriers are offering the phone?


EE, which is the new name for Orange and T-Mobile umbrella brand Everything Everywhere, was the sole UK carrier to confirm it is ranging the phone at the launch.

As the sole UK 4G network, EE is the only carrier capable of providing the super-fast browsing speeds that the 4G LTE-capable iPhone 5 can manage. From day-one, anyway.

Orange and T-Mobile

The two partner networks both sell the iPhone 5. However, the 4G speeds are solely available for customers who sign up for the handset specifically with EE.

The 16GB edition of the iPhone 5 is up for grabs on Orange at £46 per month over two years. That gets you monthly allowances of 3GB of mobile data and unlimited calls and texts.

T-Mobile isn't offering the phone for free at all. As it stands, anyway. But we'd be most tempted by the £41 per month option, which includes a one-off charge of £49. This includes unlimited calls, unlimited texts and totally unfettered web use.


Three's cheapest offer is the Ultimate Internet 500 contract. Priced £34 per month (plus £79 upfront for the 16GB model), allowances are all you can eat data, 500 any network minutes and 5,000 texts per month.


O2 has the iPhone 5 on free for free on contracts starting at £46 per month. As you might expect for that outlay, calls and texts are unlimited. And you get 1GB of data per month.


Vodafone's cheapest free iPhone 5 deal is £33 per month with a £149 fee. Arguably more attractive, though, is the £37 per month - and £99 to cover the cost of the phone - offer, that gets you unlimited minutes, unlimited texts and 1GB of data each and every month.

iphone 5 official lengthways

iPhone 5 pricing

As expected, the entry level 16GB, 32GB and 64GB models will be priced at $199, $299 and $399 respectively when bought on a two-year contract.

We’ll bring you UK carriers’ pricing as and when they let us know.

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