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  5. iPhone 5 Lightning cable ‘sticks’ to USB ports

iPhone 5 Lightning cable ‘sticks’ to USB ports

iPhone 5 Lightning cable ‘sticks’ to USB ports

The new Lightning connector cable for the iPhone 5 is prone to getting jammed inside the USB socket, making it difficult to pull out and even causing damage to the port, user testimonies suggest.

Owners of still-warm sixth-generation kit have begun reporting the issue on Apple’s forums, claiming that the cable, which replaces the formerly standard 30-pin dock connector, is too tight a fit for the standard USB port and is proving a right nightmare to remove.

One user named gvilledh posted: "I went to unplug the USB cable from the wall wart and it was extremely tight. The white sleeve over the connection started to slide off, but I was able to get it out."

Another owner, iGixer revealed: “So I tried to unplug my brand new Lightning connector from the white power block and the white plastic surrounding the USB end slides right of revealing the medal connectors.”

The problem most likely stems from the two rectangular holes on the side of the USB end of the cable, which can presumably get wedged inside the port. Pulling it out by force, it seems, results in the plastic surrounding the USB connector coming off, revealing the wires inside.

The complaints don’t bode too well for Apple which has already come under fire for its decision to go with the Lightning dock connector, which costs £15. The 'Lightning to 30-pin adapter' needed to ensure compatibility with older devices is going for a whopping £25 a piece.

The iMaker has been spared no blushes lately following extensive inaccuracies uncovered in its new Maps application on iOS 6, as well as the ease with which the aluminium casing of the iPhone 5 attracts scuffmarks.

Apple has yet to shed some light on the issue. Though, according to unnamed AppleCare employee, it is aware of the problem.

Have you experienced similar problems with your cable? Tell us in the discussion box below.

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