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  5. iPhone 5 manufacturing defects found on brand new units

iPhone 5 manufacturing defects found on brand new units

iPhone 5 manufacturing defects found on brand new units

Apple’s iPhone 5 has been subject to scathing criticism for its less than stellar mapping software and disappointing battery life. Sadly for the iMaker, the complaints don’t end there, amid reports that the handset also suffers from scratches and dents out of the box.

An increasing number of early adopters who picked up one of the record five million iPhone 5s sold over the weekend are reportedly taking their brand new handsets out of the packing only to discover small but noticeable scuffmarks and discolouration in the anodised aluminium casing.

This is despite the Cupertino-based giant comparing the iPhone 5’s fit and finish to that of a “finely crafted watch”, with the sort of meticulous attention to detail that its iProducts are typically known for.

Apple’s website states: “Look at iPhone 5 and you can’t help but notice the exquisite chamfer surrounding the display. A crystalline diamond cuts this bevelled edge. It’s what gives iPhone 5 its distinctive lines. Fitting for a phone so brilliant.”

Unfortunately, the discovery of manufacturing defects don’t bode too well for those claims and is sure to cause the tech titan further blushes following the Maps debacle.

It’s unclear exactly how many units are affected. Even though these are mostly just cosmetic and don’t affect how the handset functions, buyers will feel they deserve better for the money they are shelling out.

As is custom, Apple has yet to comment on the imperfections. We’ll be sure to let you know when we find out more.

Have you found any dents or chips on your brand new iPhone 5? Let us know below.

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