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iPhone 5 priced on O2

iPhone 5 priced on O2

One-time exclusive UK Apple smartphone carrier O2 has become the last of the traditional major networks to announce prices for the iPhone 5.

O2 is offering the iPhone 5 a range of contracts at varying price points. But not a little frustratingly has yet to confirm what kind of upfront charge they feature to cover the cost of the handset.

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Still, for what it’s worth, the contracts range from £26 per month to £63 per month, with lower monthly rates sure to feature a higher one-off charge for the handset at the point of purchase.

Allowances across all contract options are the same and include unlimited calls and texts and 1GB of mobile data per month. O2 will disclose pre-order information ‘soon’.

Three, Vodafone and partner networks T-Mobile and Orange announced pricing for the iPhone 5 this morning.

That leaves just newcomer EE - the new name for T-Mobile and Orange’s umbrella brand Everything Everywhere and the sole UK operator of a 4G network – to show its hand.

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