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  5. iPhone 5 prone to camera light leakage & scratches?

iPhone 5 prone to camera light leakage & scratches?

iPhone 5 prone to camera light leakage & scratches?

As criticism of Apple Maps mounts in the tech press and in the mainstream media, the iPhone 5 is today facing a fresh salvo of criticism over alleged manufacturing flaws.

According to a report by Boy Genius Report and threads on the Apple support forum and MacRumors, the white model of the phone is prone to light leaks, which become apparent in dark conditions.

iphone 5 light leakage

The problem does not appear to be affecting the quality of photographs taken with the handset’s camera, as was the case with the iPhone 4 white edition that was seemingly perpetually delayed while Apple tackled light leakage issues.

Perhaps more serious, though, are reported issues with the black version of the handset. If user testimonies can be believed, this model’s aluminium back panel is prone to scratching, with some even claiming that the handset arrived damaged.

Apple has yet to officially acknowledge either complaint. Something that will come as no surprise to Cupertino-watchers who’ve grown used to what some see as the company’s occasionally high-handed approach.

apple maps stratford

News of glitches with the phone follow the discovery of a slew of geographical and spelling inaccuracies in Apple Maps – the iPhone 5’s new mapping solution which replaces Google Maps with Apple’s new iOS 6 operating system.




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