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  5. iPhone 5 ‘purple halo’ camera issues reported

iPhone 5 ‘purple halo’ camera issues reported

iPhone 5 ‘purple halo’ camera issues reported

Complaints about the iPhone 5 continue amid reports that the handset’s camera suffers from a bizarre purple tint that is affecting still photos as well as videos.

According to users on the AnandTech forums, a purple haze appears on the screen while taking photos or recording videos near a bright light source that’s just out of view, be it the sun or a lamp, and remains on the resulting snaps and clips.

iPhone 5 purple halo camera flaw comparison

Although the exact cause hasn’t been determined yet, some believe the sapphire crystal lens cover may be to blame. According to Cult of Mac, this comes in several colours and it may be that the light is only refracting through the purple lens cover.

iPhone 5 purple halo camera flaw

Owners have slated Apple for how easily the iPhone 5 attracts grazes, with many units reportedly shipping with small dents around the chamfered rim out of the packaging.

The tech titan has also been lambasted for its new proprietary Maps app in iOS 6, which replaces Google Maps as the native mapping software. This has been the subject of scathing criticism due to widespread spelling mistakes and erroneous locations.

Although Apple has already responded on both the scuffmarks and maps issues, saying basically ‘deal with it’ and ‘it gets better’, it has yet to comment on the purple lens problem.

Have you experienced this mysterious ‘purple halo’? Let us know in the comments section below.

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